Saturday, January 21, 2017

Misdirected March on Washington

Iowa City, Iowa–Some muddled directions led to a mixup for a local political action group.
A busload of activist women boarded a Greyhound bus in this Iowa university town on Saturday with the intent of joining the throngs marching on the nation’s capitol. Instead of Washington, D.C., the driver took them to Washington, Iowa, a small county seat about 60 miles away.
As the marchers spilled from the bus, there was confusion all around. One rider was heard to comment, "That didn’t take as long as I expected."
On the courthouse steps, local farmers stopping by to pay their property tax bills were speculating on why 80 young women were dropped in their town square.
"The election is over, and the county fair isn't until August," said one.
The misdirected marchers decided to make the best of it, and marched around the square seven times to symbolize the Seven Sisters that are used to symbolize everything from liberal arts colleges to a globular cluster.
By the end of the laps, the women met locals over herbal tea at The Coffee Corner. Plans are to make it an annual event.
"There are nice folks here," said a spokesperson. "Plus, the trip is shorter and they have a lovely fountain."

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